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Music is all about feelings, emotion, it is a universal language that everyone understands. Music is the essence of order and rythm and leads to all that is good and beautiful. Music can take your senses to a higher level. Music is the language of emotion. We believe that a hifi-system must be able to convey such emotions; tg-acoustics loudspeakers are designed with passion for music and are measured against the artistic expression and emotional communication of music. Our listening panel consists of trained musicians with many years of experience in jazz and classical music. Furthermore, during the development of loudspeakers, acoustic instruments such as violins, double-bass, guitars, drums, piano, etc, are constantly at hand. Parallel to this way of designing we also use the newest computer based simulation and measurement software. Only by combining these two ways of designing is it possible to reach such a coherent and complete end product. Measuring is one thing, but how to interpret these measurements is even more important. Besides all this, regular visits to live concerts are a pleasant way of calibrating our brains. We are not satisfied until the expressive emotion of music can be felt.

The all new Più Musica-S loudspeaker! Triple magnet midwoofer with wood-fibre cone, wave-guide loaded tweeter. High density cabinet, varying panel thickness of 30 to 60mm. Crossovers hand-built exclusively from selected and matched, high-grade components. Cork Isolation Base. Available in any colour or real wood veneer. Pricing starts at EUR. 3.990,- each.

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